Rich and Famous who have won big amounts on slots

Slot machines have enjoyed a really crazy existence over the past hundred or so years, going from small, almost gimmicky, machines located in the corner of Californian bars, to the de facto No. 1 gambling game in the whole entire world. It really is a crazy evolution, and if it wasn’t for a Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey, the inventor of the world’s first commercially successful slot, the hugely successful modern slots industry simply would not be able to exist – visit

And there are a whole load of gamblers out there who are completely and utterly indebted to the rise of slot machines, mainly because they were lucky enough to secure absolutely gargantuan jackpots as a result of spinning those reels. Seriously, some of the slot jackpot prizes over the last several decades have been nothing short of ridiculous. Read ahead to find out some rich and famous people who won big amounts on slots. 

Elmer Sherwin

Let’s start with an incredibly lucky American man called Elmer Sherwin, who won not one but two huge jackpots over the course of his life, both coming courtesy of the iconic Las Vegas Megabucks machines. These slots have by far the most lucrative progressive jackpots in the industry, and they led to Elmer Sherwin winning a life-changing amount of money two times in the space of a few decades.

In 1989 he secured his first astronomical jackpot, winning $4.6 million in the newly opened Mirage casino after several spins on a Megabucks machine. That would be enough for most people, but then in 2005 Mr Sherwin won an absolutely mental $21,147,947 jackpot – can you believe it? Unfortunately he passed away only two years later, but not before donating a large portion to charity. 

Jon Heywood

Despite how popular they are, most insanely huge slot jackpots have not come courtesy of online slots, with the land-based machines such as Las Vegas Megabucks being responsible for most of the record breakers. This is not the case with Jon Heywood, however, an ex-soldier from the UK who miraculously secured a £13.2 million jackpot on the Microgaming classic Mega Moolah.

Now, it isn’t every day that somebody managed to win a jackpot quite that large off of an online slot, so we bet Jon Heywood was incredibly happy to receive such a large amount of money. This event was also a fantastic advertisement for Microgaming’s impressive Progressive Jackpot Network, the main reason why such a big prize was even possible.   

Cynthia Jay Brennon

In 2000 an American woman called Cynthia Jay Brennon had the good fortune to receive a stupendous jackpot prize of just under 35 million dollars whilst playing on a Las Vegas Megabucks machine, something that was briefly the largest jackpot prize ever to be awarded.

Tragically, however, she was involved in a car accident not long after that rendered her paralyzed from the waist down. One huge stroke of luck, followed by a devastating bit of bad luck, we really hope she is alright today!

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